Ways To Earn Money Online 2019

 Ways To Earn Money Online 2019


Most common and asked question in the entrepreneurial world is what are the ways to earn money online without any kind of investments.

Today I will be discussing few ways from where you will easily be able to start your entrepreneurial career.

Suitable For:  This article is for the beginners and not for the intermediate or above level entrepreneurs.
  1. Start a YouTube channel:

Starting a YouTube channel is the most simple and fun way to make money with zero percent investment, according to a research YouTube is the most used search engine in the world including Google search itself. In 2015 channel named (Felix Kjellberg) has grossed 12 Million $ in 1 years with over 40 Million Subscribers and 2nd highest grossing channel in youtube is Benny and Rafi fine which has grossed 8.5 Million $ in one year with 13 Million Subscribers. According to the average estimate, you can make 5$ to 10$ per 1000 views.

Depending on how much success you are, you can make a bunch of money (depending on the subscribers of your channel)

You can also hear lots of daily new success stories, people making their youtube career.

Suitable For:

This is the best for the people who love to create videos and generate new video content on regular basis, love to talk in front of the camera and create short films and preferably own a video cam but not necessary.


Visit step by step guide on how to start earning from youtube here: Start Earning From Youtube


  1. Start a blog:

Making money from blogging is one of the easiest and coolest ways to earn money online, you can do blogging from home. Doing the blogging doesn’t require any kind of office environment. This kind of earning is the slow start, so if you have any full-time day job we would recommend to not let go of some money keep coming from your blogging. Blogging is slow growing earning but once it reaches the point when people do make it to their full-time job.

Suitable For:

It is suitable for the people who like to share their experience and thoughts and opinions with the rest of the world and love to generate written content on the regular basis.

In short, likes to write stories on various topics.


Visit step by step guide on how to start earning from a blog here: Start Earning From Blog


  1. Sell A Service On Fiverr:

Fiverr is a global online marketplace which offers tasks, services, and products, starting at almost on $5.

Fiverr is currently having daily 5 million visits per month.

Your goal should be to reach most of the people on Fiverr to sell the services or products you offer to them.

Every service you offer on Fiverr is known as GIG, millions of visitors are going to search for the services that you are offering and they will contact you and later on place the order.

To start with you had to focus mainly upon delivering quality work and not upon earning very much, because in the start your main concern should be the rating, once you get few clients ratings on your profile then you will be getting more and more work as your profile as positive reviews in it.

The minimum price for any GIG is $5, however, if you are offering any complex service which needs more than $5 then you can change the price you want.

According to a survey Fiverr users make about 50+ Grands over the years.

Suitable For:
  • For the people who like to work in freedom and likes to work on what they like the most.
  • Available most of the day on the internet.
Visit step by step guide on how to sell services on Fiverr here: How To Sell Services On Fiverr


  1. Sell websites, apps or domains on Flippa.com:

Flippa.com is one of the biggest online marketplaces for selling or buying websites and mobile apps or domains.

Suitable For:

It is suitable for the people who know how to develop a website or mobile app.


Visit step by step guide on how to sell your website on Flippa here: How To Sell Your Website On Flippa


  1. Sell course on Udemy:

Udemy is the one the best online learning marketplace.

It has a very vast collection of videos courses on every topic. They also have a very vast variety of tutors.

You can create a course in audio or video and later on the students can view the course at their own pace, in their own place and whenever they want.

Suitable for:

The person who likes to teach, and good at talking in front of camera or mic.


Visit step by step guide on how to sell your course on Udemy here: How To Sell Your Course On Udemy


About the Author:

SANAN SALEEM is a certified software engineer, an entrepreneur and a tech enthusiast who loves to write articles to share his experience with others based on his work journey so far…!


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