Start Earning From A Blog


How to start earning from a blog is most discussed topic on the internet. Making money from blogging is one of the easiest and coolest ways to earn money online, you can do blogging from home. Doing the blogging doesn’t require any kind of office environment. This kind of earning is the slow start, so if you have any full-time day job we would recommend to not let go of some money keep coming from your blogging. Blogging is slow growing earning but once it reaches the point when people do make it to their full-time job.

Suitable For:

It is suitable for the people who like to share their experience and thoughts and opinions with the rest of the world and love to generate written content on the regular basis.

In short, likes to write stories on various topics.

Skills Required:

If you are expressive and people like to read what you write then you are best for this kind of job.

Time Required For Starting This Job:

I depend upon how much content you can produce on the regular basis and as discussed above this blogging takes time to make you money at the start but when you keep on getting visitors and traffic on your blog then you will be making tons of bucks.


  • The first step should be about finalizing the category about which your blog will be all about (e.g. sports, politics, technology etc.), this category should preferably the one in which you can produce more content than any other category.
  • Once the category is finalized then try to create content according to your category, and also make sure to use your own words and don’t use any plagiarized content because it will you may get caught in any sort of copyright issue if you use any kind of plagiarized content.
  • Now it’s time to create a platform in which you are going to host your blog, WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and LiveJournal are some of the best right now in the business of blogging, you can create your blog on any one of them or any other in which you feel more comfortable.
  • Try to give value to your reader and get their feedback and improve upon those given feedbacks.
  • Always listen to the reader on the website and try to get in touch with them if possible and try to fix their problems, make them feel at home.
  • It takes time for the blog to run and get too many readers on the blog, so don’t be break hearted at first everything will be in one place at the right time.
  • Always focus on the followings rules.
    • Try to stand out from the crowd.
    • Try to tell your reader that no one else is telling.
    • Think what you is good at that anyone else in the blogging business isn’t.
    • Think of unique points.
  • Get in touch with the experienced blogger and don’t hesitate to ask them how they are successful and tell them about your blog and ask them if any changes they recommend in your blog.
  • Always keep room for improvements in your blog and welcome the recommendations or review from your reader.

Have Fun Blogging!!!

How to Monetize:

  • You can join any associate program and you can get a commission from the products your sell of other websites like Amazon, search Amazon associate program it is the best in the business right now.
  • You can join Google AdSense program and show the google ads on your blogs and get paid for the clicks you get on the ads or the impressions on the ads.


  • If the blogs grow then you can make it to your full-time business.
  • If you are writing enthusiast and wants to write new stories than it will help you grow your passion.
  • You can embark yourself as a brand in the market.


  • Blogging takes time, so if you get impatient with it then you may not be able to get probable with it.
  • You have to be patient and improve according to the user’s feedbacks.

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