Sell Your Website On Flippa


Today we will talk about how to sell your website on Flippa. This article is not specifically for selling the website, but also will help you to sell your mobile apps and domains on Flippa as well.

Introduction: is one of the biggest online marketplaces for selling or buying websites and mobile apps or domains.

Suitable For:

It is suitable for the people who know how to develop a website or mobile app.

 Skills Required:

You should have web development or app development skills. So you should have a grip on some of the followings skills:

  • WordPress
  • JAVA
  • C#
  • Objective C

Time Required:

        If you have already made a website or mobile app and you just looking to sell it then it will lot quicker, maybe just 1 day. But if you have to develop website or app then the time required will be dependent on what kind of app or website you are going to make.



  • First of all, you have to search for the topic of the website or app that you are passionate about, if you already have developed website or app then you can skip till 5th
  • To choose steps you have to keep in mind following things first
    • How are you, competitors.
    • How are you going to earn money from your website
    • How are your compotators are making money from their website
    • How long it will take to monetize
  • Then you need to choose a catchy name for the domain
  • After finalizing your domain, you need to search for good hosting providers ( and is a good option).
  • Then you need to start designing and developing by using all of your development and designing talent and skills.
  • Once the website/app is developed and ready to be sold you just need to create an account on
  • Once your account is created you need to click on the button on the top right saying “start selling”.
  • Once you are in the start selling page, you will see that you will be provided with 4 options
    • Established sites: if your website is already making some money on monthly basis and its 3 months older and you are also getting enough traffic to your website then you should select this category.
    • Starter sites: if your website is less than 3 months old and don’t have much traffic or earning as of yet, then you should be selecting this option.
    • Domain: If you want to sell your domain that you already have then you are going to choose this option
    • Apps: if you are going to sell any app then you will be choosing this option.
  • After choosing your option you will find furthermore 2 options
    • Auction: in action, Flippa charges from 29$ to 39$ and an auction will get you the highest price and the most bids. Use this if you want more buyers and a quick, successful sale.
    • Classified: Put up your listing and wait for interested buyers to make private offers.
      Use this if you are happy to take longer to make a sale or settle for a lower price.
  • Now if someone will show their interest in your website then they will bid with a certain amount of price and you will be notified via email.


  • According to a research if your website is earning up to 1K to 5K per month then you can sell it on Flippa for 90K.
  • You can just work on the websites/apps you like and then, later on, you can get paid by selling them for a very good price.


  • It’s not one day or one week job, even after posting your website on Flippa you have to wait for the right person to show interest and bid on your website.
  • It’s a slow and steady process.


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