Sell Services On Fiverr


Today’s article is about how to sell services on Fiverr. Fiverr is a global online marketplace which offers tasks, services, and products, starting at a cost of $5.

Fiverr is currently having daily 5 million visits per month.

Your goal should be to reach most of the people on Fiverr to sell the services or products you offer to them.

Every service you offer on Fiverr is known as GIG, millions of visitors are going to search for the services that you are offering and they will contact you and later on the place the order.

To start with you had to focus mainly upon delivering quality work and not upon earning very much, because in start your main concern should be the rating, once you get few clients ratings on your profile then you will be getting more and more work as your profile as positive reviews in it.

The minimum price for any GIG is $5, however, if you are offering any complex service which needs more than $5 then you can change to the price you want.

According to a survey Fiverr users make about 50+ Grands over the years.

Suitable For:

  • For the people who like to work in freedom and likes to work on what they like the most.
  • Available most of the day on the internet.


Skills Required:

  • A person having specific skills about any possible category of work, which helps others make their life easier.

Time Required:

Only less than an hour is required to get started on Fiverr from signing up to creating your gig.


  • First, you need to create account on
  • After making your account on Fiverr, you can need to create GIG on Fiverr in order to receive the orders.
  • You now have to decide that what kind of give want to make, to answer this questions to have to take your own assessment that in what kind of services you can offer to the users that no one else is offering.
  • Once you have finalized what kind of GIG you are going to make, then its time now to create one.
  • To create a category you had to think of 5 things
    • Title
    • Description
    • Image
    • Pricing strategy
    • Bonus strategy
  • Title: consists of 6 to 7 words usually, it will be the first words that your clients or your profile visitors are ever going to read so you have to be innovative while writing those words
  • Description consists of a chunk of sentences in which you told your clients that what your GIG all about is. In this section you can tell all kinds of description about GIG, tell them what this GIG all about.
  • Image: You have to submit the pictures of your previous work or the picture that you want your clients should see first when they enter your gig page.
  • Price: Price usually consists of 3 strategies, you can create 3 different packages like (Silver, Gold, and Platinum). It’s not necessary, for simplicity you can just use 1 price.
  • Bonus: You can mention in the profile that what other works you can do and how much extra you are going to charge for those things.



  • You can work on what you want to work rather than what you have to work.
  • You can work on what you are best.
  • You can deliver your work from everywhere in the world, even from your home.


  • If you somehow won’t be able to deliver some of your projects then it could destroy your overall Fiverr career because at Fiverr everything is the good rating, if you have some negative rating then it could destroy your Fiverr career even before starting.
  • You have to be online almost 10 hours a day so that you can get in touch with your clients to discuss their project.

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